Kumihimo Double Wrap Bracelet

My new wrap bracelet makes me smile as soon as I view our semi-precious gemstone laughing buddha bead.

Our Dazzle-it kumihimo disk, bobbins and rattail are in Michaels and I wanted to encourage you to take a peak at all the other fibers you can find in the store to use in our disk too.

To make a simple, but very beautiful eight strand kumihimo braid, you need the following.

1.  Our kumihimo disk.  It comes with instructions and you will find many many videos, how-tos and advice online as well.

2. A selection of interesting fibers.  Our classic rattail is perfect for braiding, but you can try other fibers too.  Just be gentle loading them into the foam disk slots.

3.  To “tie off” an end before cutting your braid to size, you need a good thread.

4.  Depending on how you want to finish a braid, these classic closures are ideal.

5.  Endcaps are available in many sizes and shapes.  These are my favorite and you simply glue them onto your braid.

6.  Jump rings to attach your closures.

7.  My laughing buddha bead has been wired so I can use it as a dangle.

My double wrap looks so pretty!

Our kumihimo disks and accessories are in Michaels.

Here is a closer look at a glued in place endcap.

Dazzle-it Kumihimo in Michaels

I was in my local Michaels craft store yesterday and noticed that a few of our rattail colours for kumihimo were sold out.

It reminded me that I could show you how to use a combination of fibers to make a gorgeous kumihimo braid.  As long as you have our Dazzle-it Kumihimo disk, you can create unique braids all the time.  You can see here that I did use our pink rattail, but I also added in some wool, beaded string and cotton cord.

The more you experiment, the better the braid!

This latest kumihimo braid needs no embellishment.  I am wearing it just as it is.